This painting is part of the 100-day project. Every day for 100 days I posted a painting and, in most cases a story inspired by the painting.

Watercolour painting on 300 gms art quality paper. 

Here is the story of this painting.Day 82/100 2020

The pruning was done, again. In her little courtyard garden things grew fast. So obvious in the smaller space which was full of treasures. Like her home, she couldn’t resist the things from others’ gardens or the new specimens. Old plants, cuttings, pots, branches all contributed to the calm, cooling shade. Now she needed help to cart away the extra pruning. Once there were sons to help, a husband, a brother, now it was her and sometimes a kindly neighbour who popped in to check. 

Things were simpler now somehow, stranger, a new normal, another one in her long life. Now though, life was ordered and calm and her changes came from outside her windows and doors. 

In the summer, before the heat, she would go out into her green room to watch new life, to water, to feed and coax joy from the earth. It would often be well after breakfast when she came in for some sustenance of her own. Some days though, her small pruning was not enough to control the reaching spreading branches and fronds. Then she needed the tree man to help. He came in with ladders and bins and his smile to help her. 

The helpers had left with their truck filled with her trimmings destined for the compost at the dump, she was cleaning up the secateurs and pruning shears before a well-earned cup of tea when she spied the branchlet. Its pink stem caught her eye as it dangled from the shrubs. 

Later she smiled at the vestige of her busy morning. At the joy her garden gave every season and at the tiny leaves in the old cup.