This is a painting on a pink background with a green plate and red grapes

The green plate



This painting is part of the 100-day project. Every day for 100 days I posted a painting and, in most cases a story inspired by the painting.

Watercolour painting on 300 gms art quality paper. 

Here is the story of this painting.

1/100 2021

I was given this plate by my sister, it’s a second but it’s perfect.  Perfectly wonky, perfectly coloured, perfect. I love things which are imperfectly perfect. The plate makes me smile every time I use it.

Be perfectly imperfect, embrace your wonkiness + your colour.

Perfect, schmerfect get it right,

be yourself, embrace your might

Perfect, shcmerfect what’s that anyway?

Set your intention at the start of the day.

Perfect schmerfect it’s a myth, a tall tale we tell.

Hold your stance, arms on hips, brace yourself + all will be well.