this is a story of a father and his daughter. Sample text for the book injustice Lino cut of a tree black and white She was itching to hear the whole story now not just the bit sized grabs that hinted at the terrible story. Sample text from the book.




This is my first book and is due for publication late in 2017, price on application. 

This is a story of a father and his daughter. Of justice and choice, and how we feel when our choices are taken from us.

James is an undemanding country man. Some might say boring, if he wasn’t such a decent bloke. Life is normal, he falls in love and becomes a father. His choices are easy until he suffers a loss which changes everything. When faced with this unwinnable situation, self-preservation dominates, and he chooses a far-away island as home, for Lilly and himself. Like a well planted seed he beings to grow.

Two decades later, on a normal day in paradise, he receives a high profile, confidential booking for the resort he has created on Aurora Island.

It has terrible consequences which, like a fire in the bush, tears through his life. Again James is faced with a choice. Stand and fight, or run again?

From the ashes comes hope.

This story was inspired by my father and together we make the 140 year old author. #140yearoldauthor #injustice