Grevillea and the silver jug

Grevillea and the silver jug



This painting is part of the 100-day project. Every day for 100 days I posted a painting and, in most cases a story inspired by the painting.

Watercolour painting on 300 gms art quality paper. 

Here is the story of this painting.

Day 84/100 2020

The jug appeared from the basement of the hotel. A relic of another time when coffee was served in silver, not in sachets of freeze-dried dust vaguely reminiscent of ground beans earthy with hints of chocolate or caramel or... the beans grown with care in some exotic hilly country or part of Australia we can all dream of living.

The jug was found behind some plastic props. The kinds for decorating buffets. Large faux shell shells for holding seafood. Ornate tongs with duck bill handles. Chunky earthenware serving plates with chips in them. No longer hygiene or practical if they ever were. All things which were now so far from fashion it was hard to believe they ever belonged anywhere!

Behind these modern trappings were the old things. The solid things. Who wants this stuff they said. I saw the value in them and immediately gathered them like a bird to its bower. Making a home was high on my list of priorities. The silver jug would be essential! Wouldn’t it?  Now more than 30 years later it is still in use. Most often as a vessel for windfalls and found flowers but another layer of my history. Far from its original home and purpose but isn’t that life?