This painting is part of the 100-day project. Every day for 100 days I posted a painting and, in most cases a story inspired by the painting.

Watercolour painting on 300 gms art quality paper. 

Here is the story of this painting.

Day 85/100 2020

She saw the potential in the block before anyone else. The flat space for a house, no a home, their home. Generous trees fringed the block.  Affording shade and space for The Nature as her youngest son said, sounding it out with capital letters always.

As she looked more, she saw a concrete slab, small from a shed or something which had been destroyed by neglect she supposed. It was in the wrong place but that didn’t matter. She could see them here. As she imagined she caught sight of the frangipani. Remnant leaves small and stunted. Flowers valiantly holding on. 

Her mind made up, she offered the agent significantly less than they were asking and confidently broke off a stalk with flowers. She took them home to draw up her plans.

This one is having a holiday at the lovely Harper St in Peregian Beach check it out here