About Robyn

After stormy weather comes a rainbow.

My life changed in the middle of 2014 - again, this time on purpose. In the process, I became a commuter for the first time since 1986!

The bus gave me time. I began to write. My first musings were observations, and an antidote to boredom. I amused myself with rhymes and ideas of more deep thoughts. Like why I was able to sit in the same seat each time and virtually no one took my seat! Hard hitting stuff.

Until one day someone did sit in my seat. Horror… more lessons about myself. I wrote a poem about my reaction and chuckled all the way to work.

A dear friend also laughed and suggested I was a ‘New Urban Girl’. I thought ‘New Urban Woman’, since a girl was a stretch. Besides woman was more honest! It made sense to add the D, for obvious reasons! ‘New Urban Woman Doing’. Or Dreaming or…. NUWD!

Turns out NUWD is an ancient Hebrew word which means to shake, waver, wander, move to and fro, flutter, show grief, have compassion on.

It was a sign!

In rebirth of life from an old to new, we are stripped bare, NUWD.

This is me. From city, to country and city again.

I am…. 

  • A storyteller - Sometimes in rhyme, sometimes not. Sometimes funny, sometimes not. The first draft of my first book is done! I wrote it on the bus. It is about a father and his daughter, choices made for them, and justice.
  • An environmental crusader on L plates – I am passionate about our planet. The many ways we can help inspire me. But why don’t we help more? Are we too busy? Don’t we think it’s our problem?
  • A mother – My two boys born in crushing drought and my daughter in flooding rain. I have seen the wildness of this land and am resilient. I know our reliance on the land is all encompassing.
  • A maker – Painter, lover of reuse, DIY, textiles and every creative pursuit in between! I learnt early, when you live in the bush you can’t get stuff, so you improvise.
  • Excited about stories and making a difference.

Hope you enjoy my words!