Sentinel PRINT

Sentinel PRINT



After the success of the 100-day project in 2021 I am offering a range of fine art prints at an introductory price. 

Printed in Australia, on 300 gsm paper ready to frame.

This print will be hand signed and finished before sending. 

Here is the story of this one. 

Australian natives have been a love since I first read a book in the 1970s. I rediscovered it and realised it had informed so much of my life. It’s a little book called Cocky’s Castle, which won the Australian Children’s Book Prize in 1966. Mum gave it to me to read. I read everything in sight then, and I still do. I re-read it when I thought my daughter might like it too.

As I read it, I realised every one of the themes in this little precious book informed my adult passions.

#waratahs #rennovating #wroughtironlace, #australianbush, #art.

WOW! I was so blown away by the strength of this book, it’s story and how much it has been part of my story. Books can do that you know. Look forward to sharing my books with you soon….