Acacia Baileyana PRINT

Acacia Baileyana PRINT



After the success of the 100-day project in 2021 I am offering a range of fine art prints at an introductory price. 

Printed in Australia, on 300 gsm paper ready to frame.

This print will be hand signed and finished before sending. 

Here is the story of this one. 

“Wattle”, he said, “I’ll show you wattle”.

I was enchanted by the growth on the side of the road and desperate to stop and pick a bunch.

“Please can we stop?” I said.

“Wait” he said, “there’s better wattle soon.” We drove for days and never saw wattle any better. He apologised to me then. “Sorry, I remembered it being better further south. Once when I was a child it was better.”

I thought of that often over the years, many metaphors spring to mind. Take the bird in the golden bush, it may be the best you find.

Inspired by Australian natives everywhere.

I painted this for a wedding present, the simplicity of the enamel cup and the arrangement makes me think of a young couple starting out. Optimistic about the simplest things, the challenge is to hold onto the simple, beautiful every day.