When You Came to Tea

When You Came to Tea



She came to visit, we didn't really know each other, yet, but we were bound by our friendship of the one who was no longer here.

I got the cups she liked and the teapot with the dragonflies, it was chipped but I couldn’t throw it out, I held so many cups of tea. I found this team pot years ago in a dusty corner, a special sale. I remember being delighted because it was made in Japan. I am intrigued by Japan, obviously its food but everything else, back to the tea.

We sat talking for a long time, as the shadows lengthened, and we knew it was time to return to our normal life. For a moment we were lost in learning, learning about another and her life, learning about myself and my friend who touched so many lives over the dragon fly teapot.

This painting is a watercolour and it won a prize at the prestigious Goondiwindi Art Show with knowledgeable judge type person. So proud to win the watercolour section against prominent watercolourists who are magicians.