Jonquils heralding the spring

Jonquils heralding the spring



This painting is part of the 100-day project. Every day for 100 days I posted a painting and, in most cases a story inspired by the painting.

Watercolour painting on 300 gms art quality paper. 

Here is the story of this painting.

83 of 100 2020

It was cold down south. A lovely excuse for a fire, coats and scarves. They stayed in a house rambling and opening to their excitement. There was a heap of girls escaping the everyday for a birthday celebration, a treat for them all.

The old house had stories she could see it straightaway. She went around outside imagining all the years and people who left their mark. The vines stretched away up the hill in straight lines diminishing over the crest. As she came around the back the most likely unseen part of the house she saw and old fence and high grass unkempt. As she was about to re-join the others, she caught a flash of lemon yellow. A glimpse of something other than the weeds.

In amongst the grass and rocks from an old edging the jonquils pushed up. Perfect bobbing heads and green straps way back into the bush. She was enchanted. They didn’t belong there but the deserved to stay due to their tenacity. 

Taking some photos and a moment to commit this moment to the album in her mind she smiled at the joy of discovery. Then went back for cheese and wine tasting fun.