How to eat an elephant

This short story is dedicated to angels and special people everywhere. 

She set off on life's journey, expecting adventures of all sorts. She lived and loved and laughed a lot and sometimes life was fraught. One day she found her path had changed, the road took quite a turn. The day turned dark, the road was narrow, the skies began to churn. It was confusing. Our heroine unsteady. She could not change it, not that she was able. Her journey on this cold, dark day was stopped by chair and table.

She felt she had no option, so she stopped there on her way. It was quite dark by now though, surely it was day. A table on the road of life, now what is that about?

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N is for Nature

He sat in the back of the car. It sped through the world, the enormous world, his part of it was small, but not. He had possibilities, as only the young can have.

“I-spy-with-my–little-eye-something-beginning-with N.” His eyes flashed with mischief. They always did. He had thrown a challenge to those of us in the car, it could be anything, literally.

“Nest.” I said.

“No.” Delight in the little voice from the back.

“Nuts. No I can’t see nuts.” Said another small voice trying to join in, desperate to be right.

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